look at how Jade drew over John’s stupid text. look at the heart she put over his self-deprecating drawings. look how she tried to fix it. look at her encouraging little message she wrote. look at that shit. Jade is the best. I’m going to cry


when you’re streaming something but your browser freezes halfway & you are forced to close & restart your browser



sometimes when i think about the minimum wage in the US i experience whatever the opposite of an orgasm is

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tumblr in general everyone needs to watch a fuck of a lot more buffy 

i fixed it for you


Indian Shrimp Coconut Curry - Follow

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send this to your friends when they’re sad


im so fucking done



It’s amazing how often Donna is needed to tell the Doctor to stop. It makes me wonder what would have happened had she seen eleven during some episodes.

The Doctor doesn’t need a gaggle of women who basically step aside and let him do whatever because they have a fucking crush on him.

He needs someone to yell out “oi! Spaceman you stop it right now or i’ll slap you so hard you won’t need a tardis to see tomorrow!”

Or the quiet voice of reason that says “that’s enough, you can stop now.”

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